Monday, September 27, 2010

and this is brought to you by the #3

1. Pumpkin-halloween
2. Owl-night
3. Leaf-pin
4. Weasley-red hair
5. Quaffle-ball
6. Hallow-ground
7. Mad-hatter
8. Dragon-fly
9. Crystal-ball
10. Trees-blow
11. Hermione-brain
12. Hogwarts-candy
13. Borrow-warm
14. Dobby-socks
15. Horocrux-magic
16. Ministry-music
17. Magic-lantern
18. Sirius-radio
19. Apple-pie
20. Juice-cranberry
21. Candle-flame
22. Ghost-busters
23. Snake-pit
24. Wand- edited for adult content
25. Invisibility-air
26. Tent-pole
27. Spell-bound
28. Umbridge-edited for adult content
29. Dursley-rude
30. Prophet-false

Friday, September 24, 2010

friday?? all ready

Things have been hoping for me this week.
Work does take up the first 5 hours of my day then it is over to St Mungo's to hang out an hour and a half before I do my internship. That is three hours--three times a week plus there is the observation hours that I have not started but need to do.
Getting home muggle style takes an hour and there is not anywhere along the route to do observation. I guess I could hang out in St Mungo's for two hours and get home in time to go to bed to get up and do it all again. Amen.

I am so glad that homework this term can be done via the muggle computers-it is a good thing we can use cross technology and skills. Owls take a bit too long and if your Owl as mine is-is a bit difficult-things tend to get a bit messed up along the way. And that my friend is the problem with recycled birds, they tend to miss their old owners and take it out on the new. Not sure what the issue is I give it plenty of fresh pinkies all the way up to 1 year old mice plus add in a few other small animals that I was told she likes but still-A-TT-I-T-U-D-E!!

Next week I hope will be better and I will be able to settle down into the busy schedule I set for myself. Perhaps I should make every Friday a date Friday with Wisty. I was a grand way to spend a few hours this afternoon with her. She has such tremendous energy it is great way to revitalize! And she is a great person to shop with because she has about as much impulse control as I do....

6 things needed for going into hiding

5 things I would take with me when I go into hiding.

1-several fake passports and ID cards--because if i am hiding i do not want to use my real name.
2-crap loads of pre-paid cell phones.--because i do need to my family & friends even if it is for a short one minute
3-my lock pick set-because i might need to stay in a few model homes while in hiding--far cheaper than a hotel
4-credit cards-these will go along with #1-
5-post cards from exotic islands sent to various people done via Internet using my fake credit cards
6-yarn--and a new ravelry become someone's cousin---;)

but if you really want to find me, i will be in Guatemala with the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy

Sunday, September 19, 2010


the sticks are flying and owls are dropping-which is a good thing since for the first time i feel on top of things--so you know what that means....

Homework is going to bury me and my internship at St Mungo's will pick up hours and then I will really fall behind or Dean will come to visit and then I will get all distracted and ....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

busy busy

today i spent sewing up drawstring bags. i did a bit of knitting but that is not where i was feeling creative.

Tomorrow I might spend the day following Winifred H around to see what she is up to and likes to do. For better house feelings we were given someone from another house to spoil. I am guessing she can not be too bad since we have the same birthdate.

I am ready for a nap, something is blooming outside my tower window and it does not agree with me.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1 Homework

Same Craft as Me-mrsmama-canning-Vevina
Born in the Same Month on the SAME DATE a few years apart-angel101580-Winifred
Different country-Lizzie Wychwood
New Hsks family member-ynkchck2-Nicky Lovely
3 or more swaps-Megara Black
Bigger Stash-Cassandra Crimsinchin-dramaqt99
Knits & Crochets-Cassanndra G-P
Favorite colour as me-Minerva Lovegood
Favorite season/holiday-Wisteria Lovegood
Favorite fiber-everyone- I do not have a favorite.

I said Hello to Nicky Lovely on her blog- She is new to us. YAY!!
I commented on Perenelle's WIP caus I like the colour.

About me on Ravelry--my other blog

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New House

I am in Ron's house! It fits me perfectly. Maroon and Orange what colours could anyone ask for? I should be out looking for bag patterns but I am here instead. Bad me, so off I go.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I just went through the Portkey and found myself right back where I started.
I do have a stamp on my Portpass that says Hogwarts:Admin. 12:20pm.

It is cold, rainy and windy here today and I should have dug out a hat to wear but I was in a bit of a rush this morning. So much to do by the end of the week that I am certain I will forget to bring something with me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back-Back in the Hogwarts groove

So the fall finds me back amongst fellow Hogwarts members.
The past year has been busy for me moving into a new to me house out in the country. The Sandhill cranes are calling in the field behind my house. They are LARGE birds and they are LOUD birds.

Isis lost her buddy Marmalade on Valentines day but we found her another buddy and his name is Growler. But she was not happy with him and said she wanted a puppy so a few weeks ago Azazel came to live with us. So far he is living up to his name in the adorable puppy fashion.
Now Bo is lamenting not having his own puppy to play with and he is looking for one for himself. We shall see how this search goes....