Thursday, October 29, 2009

its movie night

Winnie is currently waiting to speak to Cyprian Youdle a ghost that was cursed during a quidditch match in 1857. I think her current location is Appleby, North Lincolnshire, England. If not there, then she is somewhere in the Deep South, in a Dry County talking to Elvis...who is also known as Bubba.

I had no idea that popcorn and rootbeer soda could make be burp!!
Nightmare on Elm Street is by far my favorite

Friday, October 23, 2009


It has rained the entire week. I am glad the weekend of the Bon-Fire was nice. Although a bit more of the fall warm weather would have been ideal for the beginning of Quidditch. Even with all of the rain we have been practicing, I am so glad that we have warm towels waiting for us when we are done. That and a super long bath make all of the hurts so worth it.

Today we do not have class so I am snuggled inside next to the fireplace with some tasty hot chocolate and some tasty cookies. I am almost done with my knitting for Wisteria's kit. I hope she likes them because I have to be honest and say the colours are making my eyes twitch.

Waverly still has yet to call me about going on a short trip on Saturday so I am going to think of something to do just incase I do not hear from her. I have a muggle series called True Blood on DVD I could watch them. I have read all of the books so we shall see if muggles bugger up book to series as much as we do. Creative license and all that crap.

Another series I have been enjoying is call Blood in the Wire. I think the lead male is sort of cute in that idiot savant sort of way. Dean laughs at me, but hey...sometimes cute is just cute....

I miss Violent, I wish she would have come back to so I could have someone to create new potions with...I miss her swearing in French.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Rumor has it Headmistress was in London last week and is in Quebec, Montreal. She is in the search of Maple Syrup. Has anyone pointed out to her that Fall is not the season for tapping the Sugar Maple trees? Although, I am certain she will find some wonderful syrups in the shops.

Bonfire on Saturday was grand fun. I have lost my voice from all of the singing the we did. Cassandra Crimsonchin must be a walking jukbox!! She knows alot of songs.

Wisteria makes some good s'mores. I ate so many of them I could have pucked.

Hermione and I danced and danced and danced. Waverly showed us a few of the dancers that are native her people.

Good times I hope were had by all. Can not wait to read what others had to say about the Bon-Fire

Monday, October 12, 2009

School work --

#1--Antonio dela Weasley
#2--Hermione Bagnold & Celeena Cree
#3--Eugene Nigeno
#4--Sarai Swiftrunner
#5--Cassandra Crimsonchin
#6--Wisteria-I have gone shopping with her so I know just what hints at her stash.
#7--Rowan Dragonsinger
#8--Olive Bumblebirch and Minerva Lovegood- both mention BURNT ORANGE and orange is my favorite colour.

Silly, I have spent three/four terms with Hermione and today I noticed that our birthdates are close to one anothers. PARTY THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here I am again

Wisty sent me an Owl stating that I would look good as a Wigtown Wanderer. She said it was the axe that would be spectacular on my robe.

Rather gruesome if you think about it but on the same token, rather fitting. It is always the shy quiet ones you have to watch out for. So, my team mates have welcomed me back with open arms since I did not join them for Summer Camp.

I do need to get a new broom something a bit lighter and a tad bit faster.

I am off to go shopping before practice starts and I have no free time.