Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Man, has time flown by and I think I am just about settled into the new dorm as I can possibly be.

I did have to remove a wall for my extra stuff that came with me from Slytherin, like, well never mind. Dean came by to bring me a new scarf, have I mentioned how cute he is. He also said things are getting busy on his end so he might not be able to visit as much this term but is planning on being here for Valentines day and St. Patrick's day.

Chrysta has most of her stuff moved over from Birdland and Violent has not shown up yet from France. This has me concerned a bit but not too much. I sent Sam, Dean's brother to find her. He is better than a hounddog in the fall at finding people.

I have been slacking in getting this terms homework planned. I do have one student making a sock pattern and having it test knitted as her project for term. She needs to have weekly postings and pictures. I wish her all the luck. It is something that I have yet to tackle. I just can not find the time nor the energy to do so.

I had better get to making the assignments or I will be winging it...which might not be such a bad idea.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am trying to clean up my room as best as I can knowing I am going to have two roommates this term.

Chrysta the Curse, as she says, It is a name, not a lifestyle. And Violette Black. This should be an interesting term because we all like to dye yarn and both of them are spinners.

Our room is going to smell like a wet dog that has been shaved badly, I can just see it now. Then again, I did see it when I was in RavenClaw two terms ago.

My how school has flown by.

Well off to find some moss for Chrysta as a room warming gift for her and then off to the green house for some daffodils for Violent.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving Sale

It looks like I am moving once again for the third time. I am off to HufflePuff this term, it appears that Lavender Ackerly disappeared just before term and can not be found.

My Uncle asked me if I would mind going there to help out and try to keep them in line. I do not think I will have as much work to do with HP as with S. Even as Prefect last term, it was alot of work. But they are a great group of girls and I will miss them.

So, now I am off to meet some new students and get to know the familiar faces better.