Saturday, October 30, 2010


not sure what is going on with the computer but i can not upload pictures from any of my computers which is torking me off...

so,while i do have the homework done-per sae- i cannot complete it to its full extent

and in the project world---the bag that i worked so hard on last week friday-had an error in the instructions- and a major part was forgotten-so i am debating on whether so rip it out,keep it for myself or make a new one for her....

what torks me off is that as i was putting it together it did not seem right and i just could not put my finger on it until i was done and i mean DONE(cause i spent the entire day cutting and sewing) that there was something wrong-blah--

the bag is great and i like the pattern...just now that i know it is missing a step it will be added

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